Box Sales

  • We stock a range of boxes, bubble wrap and other packing material, tape and markers. We also sell padlocks with a unique key to ensure you are the only person who can access it. Here are just a few samples of what is available. Please visit us at storit, let us show you our full range and help you with exactly what you need.
  • Packaging Box for Sale Storage Boxes for Sale


Tea Chest

Tea Chest

Length: 431mm Width: 406mm Height: 596mm #1 moving box. This strong twin cushion box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items. Easily stacks into storage units and containers. All household items including small appliances.

Cube BoxCube Box

Length: 500mm Width: 500mm Height: 500

Strong twin cushion multipurpose box. Ideal for large components, electrical goods or ornaments.

Features crease lines at regular intervals for easy slit and fold down to make a smaller box.

Cary Box with HandlesCary Box with Handles

Length: 568mm Width: 368mm Height: 327mm

A generous size box, made all the more useful by having cut out carry handles.

Office and home moves. Hand delivery items.

Archive BoxArchive Box

Length: 390mm Width: 306mm Height: 260mm Strong all purpose storage and archive box. Fast assembly with no tape required. Double thickness base with built in carry handles and hinged lid. Designed for reliable stacking. Manilla folders, paperwork, account books, tapes, DVDs or other archival materials.

Kitchen Box With DividersKitchen Box With Dividers

Length: 600mm Width: 300mm  Height: 306mm

Efficiently pack your entire dinner service in the one box. Can add movable dividers to make it easy to pack just about any sized bowls or cups. Put all the dividers in place to pack away stemmed glassware. Use with foam and bubble to provide the ultimate protection for individual items.

Lay Flat Wine BoxLay Flat Wine Box

Stores up to 12 bottles of wine with use of Wine Insert 6 Bottle to keep wine flat and well protected. Box is labelled as ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’.

Also use for stereo, DVD and gaming equipment.

Picture/Mirror BoxPicture/Mirror Box

Length: 1040mm Width: 75mm Height: 775mm

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or table tops.

Durable single layer cardboard. Clearly labelled as fragile item box.For ultimate protection, wrap pictures first in paper, bubble or other protective packaging.

Port A RobePort A Robe

Length: 595mm Width: 479mm Height: 1106mm

Super strong Port A Robe’ with fold-down front flap. No folding of clothes necessary, just hang them directly onto the steel Port A Robe. Ideal for packing tall, large and bulky items.

Flat Trunk BoxFlat Trunk Box

Length 950mm Width 470mm Height 262mm

Strong twin cushion box for use as a lay flat wardrobe or linen box. Use with anti-static bubble to pack computer or electrical equipment.

Ideal for use as lay flat wardrobe or linen box, shoes or toys.

Golf/Utility Box

Durable single cushion upright carton. Side handles for easy lifting. Ideal box for golf clubs, sporting equipment and garden tools.


Bubble Wrap 2 Sizes

Width 1500mm – Length purchased by the metre

Width 375mm – Length purchased by the metre

The most versatile and most used bubble product. 10mm sized bubbles. Clear protective packaging. Provides cushioning and support of products during moving and storage.

Packing Paper

Approximately 125 sheets per ream. Ideal for large packing jobs. Wrap individual items or scrunch-up paper to fill voids and pad the top and bottom of boxes when packing.

Corrugated Cardboard

Range of sizes Ideal protection for large and bulky ornaments or furniture pieces. 

Mattress Cover

Range of sizes Provides protection from dirt, dust and water during moving and storage. Slips easily over furniture and other bulky items. Tie or tape closed. Reuse a number of times.

Lounge Chair/Couch Cover

Range of sizes

Use to protect your lounge from dirt, dust and water during, moving, storing or renovation.

Slips easily over furniture and other bulky items. Tie or tape closed. Reuse a number of times.

Zip Carry Bags

60cm High 53cm Wide 28cm Gusset

One size fits most with these zippered carry bags.  Tough polywoven material. Zipper extends across the top of the whole bag for greater access. Non marking material.

Manchester, clothing,  pillows, soft toys.


Locks/Packing Tape/Accessories

High Security Brass Padlocks

Solid brass, double locking, stainless steel springs. Hardened chrome steel shackle. Anti-pick pins provide higher security.

Economy Tape dispenser and Tape

Ready to use tape and dispenser combination. Built in cutting blade to easily cut tape. Bonus two rolls of clear packaging tape included (48mm x 50m).

Packing Tape – Clear

48mm x 75M

Long standing performer in box sealing. Excellent adhesion to cardboard. High strength and split resistant.

Closing Boxes. Taping off Plastic Furniture Protection Covers.

Packing Tape Vibac Natural Rubber

Excellent adhesion to cardboard. High strength and split resistant.

Closing Boxes. Taping off Plastic Furniture Protection Covers.

Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Easy to set up and use with comfort grip handle. Safety feature – retractable blade. Static cling strip will retain the tape in the upright position. Suits 48mm tape width.

Packing Knife

This Packing Knife is your trusted friend on the packing job.

Plastic casing, retractable blade general purpose packing knife. Bright yellow colour ensures that the knife can be easily seen. Lock in Blades.

Utility Rope

Nylon easy tie rope. Secure loads to trailers, trucks or utes. Tie together items you don’t want separated. 100% Nylon. Breaking Strength 115kg.


Permanent marking pen to write on boxes. Black with pointed tip.