Move In

Once you have booked your storage unit, you are ready to move in. If you need packing material or boxes, check out our range here or visit our on-site shop.

    • Complimentary move in trailer

      Storit provides a complimentary move in trailer, which is perfect for moving furniture and boxes. So, if you have a towball on the car simply borrow our trailer to help move your goods. The trailer comes ready to move with tie straps and blankets.

    • On-site forklift

      We can handle your deliveries. Our on-site forklift is available to load and unload stock delivered on pallets.

    • Tips for packing your trailer or truck

      Load your heaviest items first, and keep them toward the front of the trailer or truck (the cab). This makes the trailer or truck more stable.

      Load chairs, tables, bookcases and other light, awkward items toward the rear of the trailer/truck (the door).

      Use protective covers on lounges, chairs, tables, and mattresses.

      Load your trailer/truck one quarter at a time, packing it securely from floor to ceiling.

    • Arrange a truck rental or removalist

      We can recommend a truck rental company or removalist including door to door service plus packing and unpacking if you choose

    • Complimentary hand trolleys

      Trolleys are available to make moving in easier. You can even borrow our fridge trolley overnight to help you move.